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Variador iP5A

Fan & Pump specialized VFD
3 phase 200V : 5.5~30kW(1~400HP), 200~230V
3 phase 400V : 5.5~450kW(1~600HP), 380~480V

● Specialized functions for Fan & Pump:
     -Advanced PID control (Pre-PID, Dual PID)
     -Multi Motor Control function (Up to 4 motors: 5.5-90kW)
● Energy saving & High efficiency:
     -Sleep & Wake-up function
     -Flying Starting function
Automatic energy saving function
Flux Braking Algorithm
● Improved protection functions:
     -Pre-heater function
     -Low Leakage PWM
     -Safety stop function
     -Automatic carrier frequency change
● Selectable V/f, Sensorless vector control
● Long-life condenser & Simple framework
● Easy Start function
● Selectable PNP/NPN input signal
● Plug-in type control terminals
● Cooling fan On/Off control
● Built-in RS485(LS Bus) communication
● Communication boards (Optional): Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus TCP*, CANOpen, CC-Link
● Monitoring & commissioning PC based software tool(Drive View)
● DNV Certification

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