VMC Industrial earth leakage protection

VMC Industrial earth leakage protection

VMC introduces a complete range of industrial earth leakage protection type A and B to ensure the safety of users and installations and at the same time avoid unnecessary interruptions of power supply, often caused by high frequency disturbances and direct currents leakage caused by AC drives ​​and electronic equipment.

Type A basic range consists of earth leakage relays RD with fixed or adjustable sensitivity and delay time, and ultrainmunized electronic relay RDA with real-time display indicator of leakage. Also in type A, the DREC self-reclosing circuit-breaker allows the re-establishment of supply by insulation measurement (30mA sensitivity) or by timed retries.

Type B earth leakage protection range is designed to protect and monitor installations with AC drives and computer equipment (UPS). In addition, the earth leakage measurement in direct current makes it especially suitable for photovoltaic installations or electric vehicles recharging systems. The RKB circuit breaker protects people and installations from leaks of alternating currents up to 1Khz, pulsating and direct currents. The electronic earth leakage relay RDB also allows real-time monitoring of leakage via LCD display.

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