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XGT series is the next-generation solution with a new concept providing advanced engineering environment based on open network, fastest processing speed, compact size and user-friendly software, useful lineups and various network & special modules

  • Speed Innovation...Fast
  • -MPU (NGP 1000) developed by LSIS accomplishes the fastest CPU processing speed(0.028㎲ / step). And LSIS-dedicated bus controller and High-speed transmission algorithm achieve high performance of internal interface
  • Size Innovation ... Compact
  • -The smallest size (dimensions 27×98×90) achieves cost-efficiency and various applications.
  • Network Innovation ... Flexible
  • -System integration of Open Network: XGT series support various communication solutions ranging from field control to information level with Fast Ethernet, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS and even MECHATROLINK-II.
  • Software Innovation ... Intelligent
  • -XG5000 Software Package provides integrated engineering environment from basic programming to different special module setting as well as diagnosis. This package consists of XG5000 (Programming), XG-PD (Network) and XG-PM Software Package (Positioning).
  • Engineering & Programming Innovation ... Easy
  • -XGT series expand device memory and support advanced programming environment with Index register (Z), File register (U), and Analog register (U).

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